Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rules: (if it isn't on here... assume its allowed):


1) Chicken
2) Sausage
3) Flank Steak
4) Ribs

Categories 1,2,4-- no garnish allowed except a single sheet of foil, turn in containers will be 9x9's and will be provided.

Category 3- Flank steak may be incorporated into an item. There is no garnish allowed. Garnish is defined as anything a judge would not eat as part of your entry. (ie. if your box is lined in lettuce, the judges will be instructed to eat the lettuce as part of your entry)

Sausage entry may be prepared and seasoned in advance. It must be cooked onsite. All other categories must arrive unseasoned or flavored on the day of the contest. (see NEBS Grilling rules at for a more in depth explanation)

Any type of rib from any animal may be used for the Rib category. ie..Spares, babyback, short ribs, pork, beef, fieldmouse, etc.. (note: country style ribs are not ribs they are from the shoulder and are not allowed.)

Any fuel source for any item may be used. This includes, but is not limited to, gas, wood, charcoal, or electric.

Electricity will be provided on a limited basis. If you require electricity to cook, please make your own arrangements as this will not be guaranteed.

Safe meat handling must follow rules outlined in the NEBS grilling rules.

Any meat which touches the ground, pavement, dirt, or grass... may not be turned in. This is an automatic DQ in EVERY CATEGORY.

Each team must have a fire extinguisher near their pit.

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