Saturday, May 30, 2009

SMB management to compete in first bbq contest

The Management of SMB productions has formed a bbq team to support The Art of BBQ competition in Mays Landing, NJ. With no plan and a cooler full of high octane imported beer the team plans to head for NJ sometime Thursday afternoon. We hear that the contest is only 20 miles from the Atlantic City boardwalk... Uh Oh.... Hopefully we sober up enough on Friday to compete in the contest. Since most of the team has lost our real life jobs we will be looking for a Bailout of our own !

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

KCBS Fires New England Area Reps

The KCBS Board of Directors made the determination to remove Ken and Kathy Dakai as KCBS Reps and Ken as a CBJ instructor. The reason was listed on the KCBS Quick Notes from the Board 4/8/09 and was stated as: The Board discussed the conduct of Contest Reps and made a determination to remove the Contest Reps involved for conduct unbecoming the best interest of KCBS. This info can be found on the KCBS web site. Hopefully the upcoming minutes from that meeting will shed more light on the situation. Because, for the moment, it’s a decision that is leaving many in the dark.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who participated for making this a fun event.


Grand champ I Smell Smoke !!!
Reserve To Que a Mockingbird
3 Lakeside Smokers
4 Decepticon BBQ
5 Q Haven

5 2bq'd
4 Decepticon BBQ
3 Q Haven
2 Lakeside Smokers
1 To Que a Mockingbird

Flank steak:
5 Q Haven
4 CousinEddie and the Dickies
3 I Smell Smoke !!
2 To Que a Mocking Bird
1 Autobot BBQ

5 Lakeside Smokers
4 Q Haven
3 2 Bq'd
2 Smokey O's
1 I Smell Smoke !!!

5 Low iQue
4 Autobot BBQ
3 Lakeside Smokers
2 I Smell Smoke!!!
1 S & M bbq