Saturday, February 14, 2009

NEBS Considers Mini-Bailout Plan

Federal government policy wonks aren't the only guys working on a plan to rescue the economy -- local organizations are doing their part, too. In Maynard, MA, SMB Board member Brendan Burek is pitching an idea that would allow SMB to take over, manage and promote defunct bbq competitions.

Under Burek's proposal, SMB would allot $250 dollars, using money from google add proceeds and listing fees to pay for a venue to hold the competitions . The comps would be reworked using a volunteer/building model similar to that of Habitat for Humanity, and after the competitions are reorganized, they would be run at below-market-entry fees to qualifying teams.

Presumably, the competition that would benefit most from the plan is Freeze Your Butt Off, a competition that recently made New York headlines because of some questionable practices by the former organizer.

And although it sounds like a worthy idea on paper, Burek says it hasn't been easy to garner the interest of people who can make it happen.

"Under the best of circumstances, there would be private money, too, but I'm still putting out the feelers," Burek says. "Our BOD tends to act slowly but we have to cut them some slack since it is an all volunteer organization

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