Saturday, February 21, 2009

BBQ Stimuls Package Approved

SMB Productions was founded in January 2009 facing BBQ’s biggest economic crisis since the Second World War. SMB has suggested an economic stimulus package to confront the crisis. This package, they say, will create opportunities for BBQ teams to win trophies and medals, and provide some contestants multiple walks to the stage. In the longer term, SMB’s plan will stimulate vital sectors of the BBQ economy such as Pork, Chicken and Beef sales, making SMB Productions more competitive internationally. When the SMB Board of Directors first introduced stimulus legislation in early 2009, they presented a bill with a price tag of $10,000 dollars. That was quickly slashed and deemed very wasteful. The package comes amidst a global wave of stimulus spending, and if it succeeds in pulling the BBQ economy from recession, economists say, the positive impact could be felt around the world. Yet experts also see a number of ways the plan could go wrong. Some encourage no trophies, no payouts, and even letting the contests not happen; saying SMB Productions should take budgetary concerns into consideration. But, doing too little to solve the financial crisis and shortage of contests could prove calamitous, SMB said. But legislative overreach could also have serious consequences. Only time will tell.

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