Friday, February 27, 2009

Blogging About the Bailout

There should be no shortage of blog posts about THE BBQ BAILOUT next week. Five of the teams competing in the contest maintain a site out there in the blogosphere, some with more regularity than others. It should be interesting reading about the event from 5 different viewpoints.

Brendan and Julie of Transformer BBQ are competing against each other for the first time so they could actually bring the count up to six different views.

Chris from iQue will be competing for the first time on his new Jambo pit so I'm sure he'll have something to say about that.

Ted from QHaven is competing without his wife but his brother will be there to back him up.

Mike from Lakeside Smokers just built an awesome looking chicken cooker.

Steve from I Smell Smoke just may be motivated to update one of his many websites just to keep up with the Joneses.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

THE BBQ BAILOUT Team spares no Expense for special commemorative trophies

BBQ Stimuls Package Approved

SMB Productions was founded in January 2009 facing BBQ’s biggest economic crisis since the Second World War. SMB has suggested an economic stimulus package to confront the crisis. This package, they say, will create opportunities for BBQ teams to win trophies and medals, and provide some contestants multiple walks to the stage. In the longer term, SMB’s plan will stimulate vital sectors of the BBQ economy such as Pork, Chicken and Beef sales, making SMB Productions more competitive internationally. When the SMB Board of Directors first introduced stimulus legislation in early 2009, they presented a bill with a price tag of $10,000 dollars. That was quickly slashed and deemed very wasteful. The package comes amidst a global wave of stimulus spending, and if it succeeds in pulling the BBQ economy from recession, economists say, the positive impact could be felt around the world. Yet experts also see a number of ways the plan could go wrong. Some encourage no trophies, no payouts, and even letting the contests not happen; saying SMB Productions should take budgetary concerns into consideration. But, doing too little to solve the financial crisis and shortage of contests could prove calamitous, SMB said. But legislative overreach could also have serious consequences. Only time will tell.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Each entry must contain 6 servings per category. Chopped/ sliced/ diced/ pulverized... must be enough for 6 judges to each receive a sample...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rules Clarification.001

Any type of rib from any animal may be used for the Rib category. ie..Spares, babyback, short ribs, pork, beef, fieldmouse, etc.. (note: country style ribs are not ribs they are from the shoulder and are not allowed.) This is not a rule change, just a clarification based on a question from a team.

Wimpy Teams Reported

1. a weak, ineffectual, timid person.
—Verb phrase
2. wimp out,
a. to be or act like a wimp.
b. to show timidity or cowardice; chicken out.

It's been reported that two well known teams have not signed up for the BBQ BAILOUT because they will be partying the night before celebrating some Emperors birthday. Since that's common practice for these two teams at most bbq events we question the true reasoning for their not signing up. Perhaps they don't want to play in the cold,they did switch the Snowshoe competition from the beginning of February to the end of March. Hmmmmmmm...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rules Clarification

Rules have been updated to clarify that Sausage may be prepared in advance, but all other categories must arrive unseasoned on the day of the event.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Entry Form fixed

The entry form wasn't working but has been repaired. So if you tried to enter but were unable to please try again. Judges can email me directly.

The Management

Saturday, February 14, 2009

NEBS Considers Mini-Bailout Plan

Federal government policy wonks aren't the only guys working on a plan to rescue the economy -- local organizations are doing their part, too. In Maynard, MA, SMB Board member Brendan Burek is pitching an idea that would allow SMB to take over, manage and promote defunct bbq competitions.

Under Burek's proposal, SMB would allot $250 dollars, using money from google add proceeds and listing fees to pay for a venue to hold the competitions . The comps would be reworked using a volunteer/building model similar to that of Habitat for Humanity, and after the competitions are reorganized, they would be run at below-market-entry fees to qualifying teams.

Presumably, the competition that would benefit most from the plan is Freeze Your Butt Off, a competition that recently made New York headlines because of some questionable practices by the former organizer.

And although it sounds like a worthy idea on paper, Burek says it hasn't been easy to garner the interest of people who can make it happen.

"Under the best of circumstances, there would be private money, too, but I'm still putting out the feelers," Burek says. "Our BOD tends to act slowly but we have to cut them some slack since it is an all volunteer organization

New York CEO arrested over pyramid scheme

Feb 14, 2009

NEW YORK (AFP) — A New York Production company owner was arraigned Tuesday on charges of fleecing bbq competitors through a 370 dollar pyramid, or Ponzi scheme, authorities said.

The New York prosecutor's office said a court ordered the detention of E. Johnson, chief executive of Pig Maker Productions, until Thursday, when he will have a bail hearing. Johnson was arrested late Monday.

According to prosecutors, Johnson "planned and carried out a fraudulent scheme" targeting some 15 competitors and a total of 370 dollars.

Teams were told their entry fees would be used to support the worlds finest bbq competition. However, nearly all the invested money was divided up and used to pay fictitious returns, according to the prosecutor's office.

"This defendant, who operated a classic Ponzi scheme to enrich himself and his colleagues at the expense of competition bbq teams, is now in custody and the government's investigation is continuing," said US Attorney Benton Campbell.

Johnson claims the contest was canceled due to badgering from an unnamed New England Barbecue Society Board member and he just couldn't take the pressure.

The alleged crime resembles a much larger-scale Ponzi scheme that prosecutors say was maintained for years by a former Massachusetts bbq organizer.

The Organizer in his 50's is under house arrest in Cape Cod pending indictment on false advertising charges brought on by his "New England BBQ Trail" promotion. He is also being sued by the famed Pini Brothers formerly of Malden.

Another alleged Ponzi schemer was arrested in Florida on Tuesday after going missing for nearly two weeks, local media cited law enforcement bodies as saying.

Arthur Nadel, 76, allegedly operated six hedge funds claiming to manage 342 million dollars when the funds were worth no more than one million dollars.

Campbell, the prosecutor, said investors needed to be more wary.

"In these difficult economic times, it bears repeating that if a barbecue competition seems too good to be true -- promising unusually high returns and virtually no risk -- it is probably not on the level," he said.

On its website Pigmaker Production says it makes the barbecue worlds top most rated competitions.

Competitors previously told the Long Island Business News they suspected Johnson "wasn't actually investing their money," but had instead "either spent their money in New York bbq restaurants or gambled it away."

The production company offered competitors the chance to vie for 100,000 dollars on a lowly 100 dollar entry fee, according to the Long Island newspaper.

Johnson, founded Pig Maker Productions after being released from a federal prison in 2000, after he was caught defrauding the Girl Scouts. He was subsequently ordered to undergo hair replacement therapy, said the newspaper.

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1) Chicken
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Categories 1,2,4-- no garnish allowed except a single sheet of foil, turn in containers will be 9x9's and will be provided.

Category 3- Flank steak may be incorporated into an item. There is no garnish allowed. Garnish is defined as anything a judge would not eat as part of your entry. (ie. if your box is lined in lettuce, the judges will be instructed to eat the lettuce as part of your entry)

Sausage entry may be prepared and seasoned in advance. It must be cooked onsite. All other categories must arrive unseasoned or flavored on the day of the contest. (see NEBS Grilling rules at for a more in depth explanation)

Any type of rib from any animal may be used for the Rib category. ie..Spares, babyback, short ribs, pork, beef, fieldmouse, etc.. (note: country style ribs are not ribs they are from the shoulder and are not allowed.)

Any fuel source for any item may be used. This includes, but is not limited to, gas, wood, charcoal, or electric.

Electricity will be provided on a limited basis. If you require electricity to cook, please make your own arrangements as this will not be guaranteed.

Safe meat handling must follow rules outlined in the NEBS grilling rules.

Any meat which touches the ground, pavement, dirt, or grass... may not be turned in. This is an automatic DQ in EVERY CATEGORY.

Each team must have a fire extinguisher near their pit.